I'm Jillian.  

My passion is babies.   Always has been and I'm pretty sure it always will be.  When I was young, you could find me carrying around either a doll or balancing one of my friends younger siblings on my hip.  Nothing makes my heart happier than holding a little person in my arms.  It truly is my hearts joy.  And  that's how this journey began. I knew I loved photography so it seemed only natural that I would eventually begin to focus on capturing newborns.   Each year as we celebrate our little guys' birthdays, we bring out their baby books and look at the photographs, telling stories to them that are suddenly brought to life again by pictures. Something so small.  We snapped them in an instant and yet, they are among my MOST cherished possessions.  Our boys are so big now.  They changed so fast!   I wouldn't trade those images of our first days, months, or years together for anything in the entire world.  That is what I hope to do for you.  Help you remember.  Because life is a wonderful whirlwind of moments and photography is an amazing way to hold onto one of those precious moments ...many,  many years later.

I'm so honored that you've taken the time to learn a little bit about me and my business.  It would make me so happy to be able to capture your family on this incredible journey

Married to the love of my life, Kevin, and together we have three boys.  Kase,  Kole ( twins!) & Jaxon ( the "baby").  These four men make my world go round and make sure everyday an adventure!  My photography journey started in 2012 inside my home and has since then grown to see two retail locations!  
Dreams truly do come true .